Online Coaching

start Online coaching with me today

Wherever you are in the world, I can help you with your game.

  • We will work on your game through the Golf Coach app, which is available to download on iPhone and Android phones.
  • When you download the app, we can communicate via the inbuilt messenger using video and chat and I can analyse your game.

From New York to the UK and Germany to Australia, I have clients all over the world and all over Ireland who are enjoying my coaching support. Often, this method of coaching begins after I have coached a client during a visit home to Donegal or after they have taken a holiday here and enjoyed their experience. I also receive a lot of referrals from previous clients so we don't have to have met in person for me to begin improving your game.

You will then receive a video demonstration of what you need to work on that week and why, followed by written notes with comparisons of your swing, body movement etc. I regularly provide training drills and I am always available for any questions or a full chat through of the material provided to make sure you fully understand what we are working on.

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Single Lesson

€ 50 / lesson
  • Single lesson
  • After your swing analysis and an initial consultation, your drill programmer and solution will be talked through in detail.
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